10 Types of Bollards and Their Uses

Roads, outdoor venues or parking lots are congested places with rigorous limitations in place to regulate traffic and safeguard the security of pedestrians and vehicles.

Driving might cause motorists to go in the improper way or through places improperly intended for automobiles. Here’s where an accessibility safety and control barrier, such as a bollard, might come in handy.

A bollard is a short post that is buried in the ground, such as a sidewalk, parking lot, roadway, or other comparable areas. A bollard’s goal is to provide a safe obstacle that keeps automobiles where they must be while also protecting individuals and enterprises.

It is critical to understand which style is most suitable for your objectives and goals. To assist you, First Choice Bollards has put together a concise overview of the many varieties of bollards obtainable, along with their intended purposes and advantages.

Removable bollards

It’s ideal for those sure to engage. Removable bollards can be typically extracted from your premises if you require more room.

This bollard may be used to block road access and for demarcation. You may get expert advice from First Choice Bollards about this type of bollard.

Permanent bollards

This bollard installation is as strong as it sounds, as the term indicates. These permanent bollards can secure your properties by acting as a deterrent to individuals and cars attempting to get through a restricted access area. You may get expert guidance from First Choice Bollards on this type of bollard.

Retractable bollards

It restricts automobile accessibility to the entrance and exit points of a building or a facility. You can operate these anytime as long as you have permission to enter and exit the property in which the bollards are installed. These rise from the ground to restrict access and then descend to allow automobiles to pass through.

Automatic bollards

Do you want bollards that are easy to regulate and connect? Then you’ll want automated bollards. You can move or raise the bollard without needing to do it directly. This defence-in-depth feature is ideal for individuals who are constantly on the road with little to no free time.

Flexible plastic bollards

If you’re searching for road demarcation, this sturdy bollard can be a good option. It is very noticeable, may be driven over for simple access, and, because of its vertical storage, can pop straight up.

These are excellent options for high-traffic locations. You may get professional advice from First Choice Bollards about this type of bollard.

Construction bollards

Temporary bollards can be used in road construction areas to delineate and defend the work surface against traffic. These bollards are often composed of bendable, brightly coloured plastic that is encircled with reflective material and sits on detachable rubber bases. They are frequently close together to offer a continuous visual edge to oncoming motorists.

Security bollards

Security bollards serve as visual information for people and vehicles, but they are also designed to withstand car collisions. Typically security bollards are built of steel and filled with concrete, however they may be painted or coverings to match the decor of a place. You may get professional advice from First Choice Bollards on this type of barrier.

Ram-raid bollards

Ram-raiding is a type of “smash-and-grab” robbery where a large truck is driven into the doors or windows of a locked business, allowing the offenders to steal a significant number of high-value products in a brief period. Security bollards are an inexpensive approach for such places to deter ram-raiding.

Bicycle parking bollards

They are inspired by the anchoring purpose of maritime concrete barriers, and they serve as a hitching post for secure brief bicycle locks. Modern designs may have holes that extend through the post and are designed to accommodate u-locks or chains. First Choice Bollards can provide expert assistance with this style of the bollard.

Marine bollards

It is also known as mooring bollards and is an important component of anchoring installations. Clearly explained, it is a barrier built as a simple post to which sailboats can be anchored. Its form and dimensions vary based on its intended use.

They are made to look like mushrooms with a big size top so that ropes may be put over them and they’ll not fall free. They frequently contain a cross rod for added security when attaching the ropes.

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