A Review of Your Favorite Suitcase

When you are planning your next trip, you’ll want to make sure you have the best suitcase for the job. A suitcase should fit in the overhead compartment of most airlines and should also be waterproof. You should also consider the features of the luggage you buy, including the features of the lock and water-resistant zipper tape. A review of your favorite suitcase should also mention the features you like, such as a built-in TSA-approved lock.

Take customizable luggage

There are many different brands of suitcases on the market, but there are two that stand out above the rest: Away and Muji. The latter is a relatively new brand that bills itself as “the first premium, customizable luggage,” which is a big selling point. Roam offers a variety of colors and comes with a free monogram. Whether you’re looking for a hard-sided or soft-sided suitcase, you’ll want to consider their features and read customer reviews to get a better idea of what you’re purchasing. When it comes to soft-sided luggage, the Briggs & Riley Large Expandable Spinner is the winner, as it is lightweight and flexible. Away is another brand with an iconic design, and they’ve expanded to include travel accessories for every occasion. Their luggage includes built-in USB chargers and a built-in battery. And you’ll never run out of room for everything. In addition to its features, Away has teamed up with famous athletes such as Rashida Jones and Serena Williams to make this line of soft-sided suitcases even better.

Take a light, compact suitcase

If you’re looking for a lightweight, compact suitcase, look no further than the Briggs & Riley Large Expandable Spinner. Both suitcases are light and have all the bells and whistles. They’re great for business trips or weekend getaways, and they don’t look too expensive. In addition to that, Away has teamed up with some of the most popular sports stars, including Rashida Jones and Serena Williams. The Travelpro Platinum line of luggage has long held the top spot among carry-on luggage reviews. The suitcases have been designed with smooth-rolling, user-replaceable wheels and solid telescoping handles. They’re also built with a lifetime warranty and a comprehensive catalog of user-replaceable parts. Despite their light-weight designs, this is a heavy-duty suitcase, which will last a long time.


If you’re on a budget, check out the Steamline Luggage. This hard case is flexible and looks retro but is also highly functional. It’s perfect for business trips, as it has built-in TSA-approved locks and a built-in laptop sleeve. Whether you’re on a tight budget or a luxury vacation, the Steamline suitcase is a great choice.

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