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In the first few lines of the song, “We want the development of Bihar” in the Basque language is a sarcastic attack on the state government and Neha Kakkar. It calls on Neha to view development works in Bihar with “clean lenses”. Although the BJP denied attacking Kakkar personally, this song has triggered heated debate. The Congress, meanwhile, has responded with its own ‘ka-ba’. They claim that both the RJD and the NDA have promoted corruption in the state.

The BJP and the JD(U) have come out with their own campaign songs in Bihar. The BJP’s Bihar mein ee baa, which runs 2 minutes and 35 seconds, is a praise for the Nitish Kumar government. This song is a response to the wildly popular “Bihar ki Rathore” in Bhojpuri, which criticizes the NDA government’s performance in the state. The song also criticizes the state’s deteriorating law and order situation and the attitude of the government towards migrant workers.

The BJP and JD(U have released their own campaign songs in Bihar’s Bhojpuri language. The BJP’s Bihar mein ee baa highlights the achievements of the Nitish Kumar government, and runs for two minutes and 35 seconds. The song is a direct response to the popular Bhojpuri song “Bihar mein ee baa”, sung by the singer Neha Singh Rathore. The song criticizes the NDA government’s performance, the state’s law and order situation, and the government’s attitude towards migrant workers.

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