Curly Hairstyle Methods

Did you know that your hair structure is as unique as your fingerprint? It means that no two hairs are the same, so no two curly hairs are the same. That’s why you will find a lot of information about how to care for your hair, but ultimately you need to test every method for yourself and get what suits you best. If you feel your hair is losing its strength and thickness, you can always get the Thickening Hair Serum by Dianella. This hair care product is packed with all the vitamins and minerals your hair needs throughout the day, and it also comes in a beautiful compact bottle you can carry everywhere. 

There are plenty of curly hairstyle methods out there on the internet. In this article, we will talk about some of them. One of the most famous ones is “The Curly girl method,” which became a bestseller. 

The Curly Girl method was developed in 2001 by hairdresser Lorraine Massey. in Curly Girl: The Handbook. The book quickly became a bestseller and helped many women around the world. The Curly Girl Method is also popularly known as CGM (Curly Girl Method).

What is the Curly Girl Method?

The Curly Girl Method is a way to achieve naturally beautiful, healthy, and strong curls. Optimal maintenance of natural curls so that they are strong and remain so. The goal is to get shiny and bouncy natural curls without using products with harmful ingredients for the hair, using natural cosmetics for your hair. You can try thickening hair serum before the summer and continue during the hot summer months for extra strength and thickness.

It is a method that protects hair from harmful habits, such as harmful shampoos and thermal styling. It is associated with the use of healthy and natural products. Although the whole set of CGM (Curly Girl Method) recommendations has shown superb results for curly hair in our community, you should always feel free to modify them to suit your hair!

Who Is This Method Suitable For?

The Curly Girl method is suitable for all women with curly hair, both brittle, wavy, and very curly hair. All curls are sensitive and need special care. If you stick to the method, it provides healthy and beautifully falling natural curls. To achieve the effect, you do not have to follow it strictly. You can apply any of its modifications adapted to your hair type and hairstyle. As we mentioned earlier, no two hairs are the same, so experiment and see what works best for you. One thing is for sure – leave out all harmful chemicals from your hair washing and nourishment routine. 

Why Stick To Routines?

Everyone develops specific care for their hair over time. The routine hair care we have been using for years unknowingly can harm our hair. This method helps hair nourishment and achieve healthy and shiny hair for people with curls. 

Are you ready to get started? All you need to do is read the tips in the book and follow them. The most important aspect is to detox the hair from harmful ingredients it got fed for years. This means to stop using hair care products with silicones and parabens. You can try Dianella’s products made with naturally-driven formula and are packed with vitamins and minerals. Their thickening hair serum will revive your curls back to their natural state. 

Remove Harmful Ingredients from Your Hair’s Diet

The first step is to remove silicones or other compounds accumulated on the hair. This step is called “Final Wash” and is essential to creating an initial environment suitable for follow-up practices with bio hair care products. 

Make your final washes with a shampoo that may contain sulfates but doesn’t silicones. Depending on how much silicone has been present in the usual products you have used, you may need to repeat the final wash 2 or 3 times and then stop. After that, you need to slowly move your way up to hair care products with natural ingredients and create a whole new routine for your hair. 

To Sum It Up…

The Curly Girl method is a must-read for all curly and wavy hair girls. The method gathered a large community and has become a bestseller and a widely respected series of techniques over the past couple of decades. One of the most crucial steps you need to take to revive your curls back to their natural, healthy state is to remove all parabens, sulfates, and silicones from your hair’s diet. Start using natural bio hair care products that will not harm your hair strands and avoid brittleness and breakage. Remember that no two hair types are the same, so even though you have curly hair, it might be different from everyone else’s, and ultimately the best method for you will be your method. So stick to a routine you create after experimenting with various techniques and styles.

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