Family Friendly Wine Adventures in Margaret River

If you are looking for family friendly adventures in Margaret River, look no further than the various wineries and go on a wine tour in Margaret River! Family friendly wineries offer more than playgrounds or slides. They are defined by their spirit and culture. The wineries listed here will offer not only the best wines of the region but also welcome families with a unique brand of inclusive hospitality. 

Glenarty Road

Glenarty Road prides itself on doing things differently. The term agricultural is embraced as a way of living. This fifth-generation family farm always pivots to act responsibly to what mother nature throws at them. Glenarty Road has an amazing collection of fresh, seasonal produce. They harvest over 250 fruit trees, many veggie patches, a hop garden, and allow a grazing pack of sheep that numbers in the thousands. 

Glenarty Road specializes in Margaret River Region country hospitality. The wonderful food cooked is mostly from its farmed produce. They have tables outside between shading trees and working vegetable patches that offer an incredible view. Of course, the wine is delicious. The vibe here is most welcoming for mixed-age groups. They offer peace and beauty for the parents and mystery and adventure for the children. This winery is a must-visit for any family coming to the Margaret River Region. 

Lentedal Vineyard Estate

Located between Busselton and Dunsborough, Lentedal Vineyard Estates is another great find for families exploring this region. Needless to say, the award-winning wines will be top of the list for the parents. They also have things to explore for kids (and pups) of all ages! This is a small family-run operation that includes expansive lawns to roam, farm animals to meet, games and coloring sets that are sure to entertain. In addition to that, the tasty wood-fired pizzas will please any child! This cellar door experience is designed to be a place where parents can sit back and relax and let their kids have a ball! Even pups on a leash are welcomed. On top of all this, every Saturday evening during the summer, they offer family movies shown in their outdoor movie cinema. You can get there easily with a Dunsborough driver

Flametree Wines

Flametree Wines leans a little more towards the artsy, creative side. It boasts a Hampton Beach style architecture with a more intimate cellar door experience. There is a real eye for design that carries all the smaller details that make up this inviting winery. You can experience the displays of local artworks and other creative offerings from local aspiring artists. The open lawn design has plenty of room to run around, and the ‘build-your-own’ gourmet platters will satisfy any popup cravings! One of the main draws for families is the stream of events including music on deck and painting workshops. Join resident artist, Heidi Mullender for a painting workshop for kids as well as adults. A visit to Flametree Wines near Dunsborough, will not only satisfy your palate but also your creative, artistic spirit in a beautiful, relaxing setting.

Aravina Estate

This winery includes some incredible attractions that are sure to spark the interest of children of all ages.  Consider the sports car gallery and Western Australian surf gallery. You can be sure of a fun and exciting family outing. There is wide open space for kids to run as well as a wrap-around veranda. It offers the perfect viewing platform for parents who want to keep an eye on their children romping around the wide-open space. Keeping everything as fresh as possible, the restaurant sources local produce as well as its own garden to create seasonal menu offerings. 

The Western Australian Surf gallery will make any kid’s eyes pop! View vintage surfboards from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s as well as learn about some of the legends of Western Australian surfers. This winery is only minutes from the world-famous breaks of Yallingup  and Dunsborough. It is in the perfect location to take advantage of its closeness to the water.

The sports car gallery is also an amazing attraction. Take a look at the eclectic collection of cars and motorcycles on your visit to Aravina Estate. The stunning range of muscle cars, classic beauties, and motorcycles will please children of all ages! 

There are many family friendly adventures in Margaret River. It offers a relaxing and enjoyable experience for the adults as well as an engaging and fun time for children! Make sure to check out these stops and many more on your next visit to the Margaret River Region. 

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