Four Things To Do in Manchester that Won’t Make You Look Like a Tourist

Even if you are touring Manchester, there are things to do that won’t make you look so much like a tourist. Of course, if you are in a group with fanny packs and matching t-shirts, there’s not much you can do there. However, there are top places to go that will make you look like a local Manchester is full of history, diversity, art, and incredible food that will make you want to stay in the city forever. That’s what happens to a lot of people. At the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, there were just a few thousand people. Today, there are over two million people hustling around the city. Train lines flow in and out of Manchester, connecting it to other major cities. This makes it easy for numerous people to go in and out of Manchester. The city has been voted as one of the top cities to live in the United Kingdom. In case you were wondering if there is anything to do in Manchester, there is definitely plenty to do that won’t make you look like a tourist.

Ditch the Luggage

First things first, you must ditch the luggage. Nothing screams tourists more than rolling your luggage around with you everywhere you go. If you can’t check into your hotel yet, then the best option is to use luggage storage in Manchester. There are several locations around the city where you can drop off your luggage in a secure location while you go and explore all there is to offer. This eliminates the look of a tourist as well as the burden of carrying your bags around all day. Using luggage storage in Manchester is super simple. You have to book a reservation online for a storage spot, but it only takes a few minutes to do so. Once you book, you instantly have a reservation to show for dropping off your bags. Here are the four simple steps to storing your luggage:

  • Search online the best location that is most convenient for you
  • Book your reservation for that location
  • Show your reservation at the store and drop off your bags
  • Enjoy the city, luggage free!

Luggage storage in Manchester is offered in local hotels and shops. This is much better than using luggage lockers because there are more security measures in place for your belongings. When you book a reservation, you get $10,000 of insurance coverage, security seals for your luggage, and a well trained staff that monitors your bags at all times. Plus, there are no size limits for your bags. With storage lockers, you are limited to the lockers’ size. Dropping your luggage off at local shops gives you no limit on luggage size. Prices start at five euros per bag for a 24-hour period savefromnet. Some places that offer luggage storage in Manchester are open 24/7. This is convenient if you need drop off or pick up outside of normal business hours. Now that you have taken care of the luggage, let’s talk about what to do in Manchester.

Heaton Park

You will find many of the locals hanging out at Heaton Park. It is the biggest urban park in Europe! There is over 600 acres of space filled with plenty to do. If you are looking to be active, you can go golfing or play tennis. More relaxing activities include visiting the green gardens and looking out on the observation decks. Lawn games can be found throughout the park where you can play with your friends or some of the locals there. The park also offers boat rentals if you enjoy spending time on the lake. Depending on the time of year, there are outdoor concerts, plays, and dramas that take place. You won’t waste your time with all of the fun activities to do in Heaton Park.


Afflecks is an indoor market that offers a variety of vendors and local shops to visit. Here you can buy clothing, housewares, art, and much more. Many locals go here to buy some of the essentials they need. If you love negotiating for the best prices, then Afflecks is the place to go.

Levenshulme Market

There is nothing like eating local food. The Levenshulme Market is run by volunteers and is one of the top places to get street food. Monday through Friday you can enjoy authentic food and live music that will give you a taste of what life is like in Manchester.

Be like a Local

Stopping at all the local hangouts and using luggage storage in Manchester will keep you from looking like a tourist. Enjoy places like Heaton Park, Afflecks, and Levenshulme Market to get a glimpse of some of the greatness of the city of Manchester.

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