Gundogan saved Guardiola, Liverpool did not wait for a miracle

It would be ironic if the “citizens” lost the title in the last round, missing from a man with the last name Cash (“cash”). Even after the pass of the former Everton player Digne. And the obvious symbolism in the meeting between Gerrard and Coutinho against rival Liverpool can not be emphasized separately, everyone noticed it. The coach and attacking midfielder did everything to make Manchester City lose 0-2 in the second half. In a parallel meeting, Liverpool managed to concede in the third minute, equalize the score, waited for the replacement of the goalkeeper with the best reaction in the Premier League season – the Portuguese Ca, but hardly forced out the second goal. Here you can find 22Bet sportsbook Uganda for your bets.

At first, none of the two favorites played well. But then the substitutions worked. Saved Salah appeared on the field and brought the “Reds” forward. But by that time, Gundogan, Sterling and Zinchenko, who appeared from the bench, managed to organize three goals against Aston Villa. Fans from Birmingham sang that they had the European Cup – trolled Guardiola, but two intense matches were drawing to a close without a trophy break. Although in the course of the fights the chances of the Reds for the title increased sharply, Manchester City had enough class and pressure.

Since the summer, they will have an evil Holland in someone else’s penalty area, and while Gundogan closed Sterling’s cross, Zinchenko threw the ball before Rodri’s billiard shot, and then the same Ilkay was the first to respond to De Bruyne’s pass and pass. And all this in five minutes! Although Liverpool extended their lead against Wolverhampton, Gündoğan’s second goal kept the City’s title. They defended their title. Guardiola could have been frightened after the ball by Coutinho, but his team showed the character they lack in the Champions League playoffs. Liverpool should have played better in previous rounds, and today is a holiday on Blue Moon Street.

Liverpool’s only league success came when the Spaniard was seventeen points behind Klopp. But this season, the “citizens” did not allow strategic miscalculations. Only three defeats, 29 wins at once – a great result. We won 93 points, scored 99 goals, conceded only twenty-six goals. Aston Villa failed to score a championship third goal in favor of Liverpool, but it is unlikely, given the course of the season, that the trophy in the hands of Klopp would have been fairer than the cup in the hands of Guardiola.

Manchester City will not allow the Reds to collect a quadruple. But now the Champions League final is getting even more interesting. To collect three of the four possible trophies, Klopp needs to beat the always dangerous Ancelotti with his “creamy” gang in such matches. And in the Premier League, the name of the champion has not changed – Guardiola won again, but the last step to the title turned out to be emotional, difficult and exciting. For such outcomes and love English football!

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