How Automating Workflows Can Benefit Travel Agencies

The travel industry is a fast-growing industry. With the onset of globalization, increased use of technology, and a rise in disposable income, people are traveling more than ever before. For travel agencies, it’s becoming a challenge to keep up with the rising demand from consumers. It must be ensured that their businesses and day-to-day processes operate smoothly in order to simplify the ordeal of catering to clients. Automation is the right step in this direction and can be utilized by an online travel agency.

What Is Automation In The Workplace?

Automation refers to the introduction of automatic equipment in manufacturing or other processes. The different types of automation are fixed, programmable, flexible, and integrated.

Benefits Of Automation

For a travel agency, integrating automation into the workplace can have a lot of advantages. These are some of the possible improvements.

  • Reductions in cost

As travel agencies automate processes, they eliminate some of the manual processes that have to be done by employees. Through this, money can be saved.

  • Elimination of human error

Employees can often make mistakes when completing tasks manually due to carelessness or by chance. By using automation, this occurrence of human error can be eliminated.

  • Faster delivery of services

As automation reduces the overall number of tasks to be done, it saves time. Also, it can complete the same task faster than an employee can, which will result in overall faster delivery of services.

  • Ensures compliance with company policies

Using automated tools for bookings ensures that employees and customers follow the company’s policies regarding travel.

How Is Automation Used In The Workplace?

In a travel agency, there are many challenges that come up every day regarding itinerary planning, bookings, etc. To tackle this, travel agencies use automation in these forms.

  • Automatic integration of PNRs in the office

Airlines provide a view in the PNR with automatically generated sales reports of the EMDs issued with back-office system integration with the travel agency. This lets travel agents conveniently issue the required documents in their office, letting them save time, effort, as well as costs while allowing for greater efficiency in the process.

  • Keys can be programmed to execute specific commands at a fast pace.

Travel agents can create shortcuts on their computers to carry out processes like opening tabs, sending notifications, confirming payments, etc. at the click of a button to eliminate unnecessary wastage of time.

  • Automated booking integration can be started and custom remarks can be noted to identify customers correctly.

Travel agents can automatically book customers’ tickets, along with custom remarks to keep track of traveler details.

  • Corporate booking tools can be utilized for corporate customers to optimize their travel management tasks.

When corporate companies need to book tickets for work travel in bulk, corporate booking tools can be used to simplify the process and easily keep track of all employees’ details.

  • The usage of alternative ticketing methods for sub

With the availability of consolidation, IATA agencies can provide tickets to non-IATA agencies. For this, ticketing software is essential as the agency must make sure no risks are involved in the ticketing process whilst letting sub-agents have ticketing autonomy. An automated ticketing software can display live rates and fares at the best prices available. This software also automates the process of credit when making payments for bookings.

  • Follow up regarding the budget after a trip.

After a client completes a trip, it is important to have an automated email sent out to check on the purchases of the customer and the remaining budget.

Why Should You Hire An Outsourced Travel Agent?

A travel agent associated with an agency that utilizes automation to ensure optimal processing will be able to help you plan your travels. Your bookings, payments, etc. will be handled by a machine and there will be a minimum margin of error.

Hiring an outsourced travel management company for your travel plans can be very useful. There are lots of advanages that can come from outsourcing a TMC to help when you plan your trips and excursions.

  • Experienced professionals: An outsourced TMC typically has many years of experience working in the sector as travel agents or account managers. This background gives them exclusive industry knowledge. If you hire an outsourced management company, you can reap the benefits of this rare and valuable expertise too.
  • Save cost: An outsourced management company can review your trip program and keep updated, making adjustments as required and avoiding any unnecessarily expenditures.
  • Improved travel experience: An outsourced TMC can use their industry data and contacts to improve your travel experience. You are likely get the overall improved experience along with the reduced costs involved in travel.
  • Hotels and airlines discounts: OTAs often also have exclusive discounts available for hotels and airlines that you can access when you work with them. Outsourcing companies also tend to offer services such as 24/7 After Hours Support for travel companies in India, and Emergency travel desk customer support for outsourcing.
  • Personalised business travel experience: An outsourced management company will also help envision and plan a personalised experience when you travel, keeping your unique needs and goals in mind, whether you are traveling for vacation or for business.
  • No stress: Your TMC professionals will communicate effectively with you, saving you unnecessary stress and time wasted on planning your travel. You are guaranteed to have a positive and relaxing experience as your TMC uses automated processes in their workplace to organize your travel itinerary in a seamless and efficient manner.

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