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How to Change Your Passport Name

There are three main ways to change your passport name. First, you need to submit the proper application form. You can get this form by downloading it and completing it with the instructions that come with it. You can also complete the process online, but be sure to carefully follow any instructions. Once you have the application, you need to wait until it arrives before you can start the actual process. The process should take no more than a few days, and you will need to be patient and follow all instructions.

Apply online or by mail

The process for changing your passport name is relatively simple. You can apply online or through the mail. It doesn’t require you to go to a passport agency in person, but it will take a few days to be approved. Although government procedures are usually not easy to understand, if you follow the instructions carefully, the entire process will be completed quickly. If you can’t find a place near you to submit your application, you can use a name change service. The company you use will hand-carry your application to the Passport Agency for you. In addition to a letter explaining your new name, you need to attach a photo of yourself with the new name.

Confirm the name in the passport

You should keep in mind that while most countries accept passports with old names, others require a new name for entry. To avoid problems when traveling, make sure your name on your ID matches the one on your passport. If you’ve recently divorced, don’t change your passport’s name until you have moved back home. You don’t need to pay any fees if you are using an online service. The only fee you’ll have to pay is for expedited service. There are many steps to changing your passport name. The process is usually simple and straightforward. You’ll need to register with the Social Security Administration and submit your new name with your other government documents. However, if you’re traveling abroad, it’s better to wait until you return to update your passport before you take any other actions. If you’re traveling to another country, you’ll have to follow the instructions of the passport acceptance facility before changing your name.


Depending on your situation, you need to submit documents and applications that prove your name change. It’s important to follow the instructions exactly. It’s important to be aware that passport name changes are often permanent and do not impact travel. A change in name in a few days can prevent delays and inconvenience. If you’re planning to travel abroad, you’ll need to complete the necessary paperwork. And it’s best to wait until you’ve returned to your home country before making changes to your passport.

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