How to Find Trending on Twitter Using the Twitter API

Using the Twitter API, you can find real-time trends on Twitter. You can also find tweets about specific topics. The Twitter API allows you to retrieve trends using hashtags. You can also find tweets about specific locations, such as cities and countries. The API also allows you to retrieve retweets and the number of retweets for a particular tweet.

Data structure

Using the Twitter API, you can retrieve trending topics. You can also display user engagement with branded hashtags. The Trends API can help you find the most popular tweets by location. It also allows you to search for trending topics and places.

In order to access the Twitter API, you will need to authorize your account. You can do this through the Twitter developer console.

After allowing access to your account, you can generate an API key. This key will allow you to use the Twitter API for your application. You will need to enter a PIN when you do this. The API key will also enable you to authorize your app.

GET search/tweets resource

Using the GET search/tweets resource on Twitter, you can retrieve tweets with a specific hashtag. This may be useful in a variety of situations.

The search/tweets GET endpoint isn’t the only way to access tweets, though. You can also use the API’s GET trends/place resource. This will allow you to retrieve tweets and locations, as well as count tweets for a given user or hashtag.

Twitter also provides a handy graphical developer console. You can explore the API and its parameters in this interface. There is also a pop-up window for copying Consumer API keys and secrets. Using this information, you can retrieve data or generate OAuth 2.0 credentials.

GET trends/place resource

Using the GET trends/place API, you can get a list of top trending topics within a particular location. For more specific queries, advanced search features are available.

Using the GET trends/place API, it’s also possible to get a list of top trending tweets. In the context of tweets, you can also get tweets from specific users. The json package is also available, giving you more control over how you display the data.

It’s also possible to get a list based on a tweet’s hashtag. The Twitter trends API is part of the larger Twitter API, which is available through REST API v1.1 resources.

Example 1-2 demonstrates how to ask Twitter for trending hashtags in a specific country and get a list of those tweets in a specific language

Whether you are a newbie to Twitter or an experienced user, there are numerous opportunities to learn and explore. To do so, you will need to access Twitter’s API. This can be done through the Twitter developer console. The developer console allows you to explore Twitter’s API and parameterize it to specific locales.

The API allows you to query tweets using various parameters. Specifically, you can use the GET trends/place, GET search/tweets, and GET recent tweet counts resources. These resources provide a list of the tweets that mention a specific Twitter account.

If you want to find out what are the most popular sports in the United States, you can use the GET sports/tweets resource. This resource also has a special field that indicates the number of tweets that mention a specific hashtag.

Getting realtime trends

Getting realtime Twitter trends helps marketers keep their finger on the pulse of what their audiences are talking about. By understanding what is currently trending, brands can engage their audience and capitalise on industry trends. Similarly, politicians and government organizations can use trends to gauge public opinion.

Trends can also be used to plan content and make smart marketing decisions. For example, if there is a big viral news story, brands should plan to include it in their marketing strategy. By doing so, they can ensure that they’re getting the most out of their efforts.

Twitter’s trending topics are shown in the newsfeed and are based on engagement and mentions. By using this information, brands can engage their audiences in the right way, which increases their chances of being included in a Twitter Moment.


Using a retweet count can provide a metric of popularity for your Tweets. However, not all Tweets are created equal. Some are created to drive engagement. If you use Retweets as an alternative to Likes, you can measure a higher quality user base. However, you must be careful about how you use this metric to your advantage. Using a Retweet count in a manner that may be spam will result in your account being suspended.

The best retweet count is the one that comes from the Twitter user. This can be done by logging into your account. Alternatively, you can use the REST API v1.1 to get access to trending topics.

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