How to Make Professional Music

If you’re wondering how to make professional-quality music, you’re not alone. There are plenty of ways to get started, including learning the basics of tracking, mixing, and mastering. But before you can begin recording, you need to know how to write a song. Then, you need to know how to arrange the song, and that includes understanding chord voicings and harmony.


Making music is a skill that takes years to master. It involves a lot of creativity and attention to detail. You have to make sure that your music sounds professional and is unique. This can be done by amplifying good sounds and crafting strong melodies and hooks. Another important tip to make your music sound great is to spend time creating layers, automations, and surprises. A track that is too simple will sound amateurish.

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Mixing music professionally is a skill that can be invaluable to your career. No two songs are exactly alike, and every artist has been influenced by the music of others. A good mix aims to enhance the sound quality of every song. The process involves adjusting several different parameters that will create an excellent outcome.


Mastering is an essential step when it comes to preparing your tracks for distribution. It involves ensuring that the levels are correct and that audio is free of any problems. You will also need to decide on what delivery format you want to use for your music.

Creating a song’s chord structure

Creating a song’s chord structure is a crucial aspect of songwriting. The chord progression you choose should match the mood of the song. The progression should make it easy to add layers to the song. You can layer a melody, a drum beat, or even a rap on top of it. The structure of your song will determine whether it sounds exciting or boring.

Creating a track’s sound

When making music, the sound of a track is an important aspect to consider. Whether you’re working with samples or original compositions, there are numerous steps to take to get the right sound. For example, a track that sounds dull could be caused by a sample with the wrong pitch or timing, or by overuse of effects. In addition, a track with poor recording quality might not sound great.

Using a DAW

A DAW is a software program that lets you create professional-quality music. It can be used for recording, mixing, and mastering. The tools within a DAW are essential for this type of work. You can practice your skills on demos and other people’s music to gain experience.

Getting your music on streaming platforms

Getting your music on streaming platforms is a great way to promote your music and reach a larger audience. Some platforms like Spotify have over 300 million users. They have a dedicated app for artists and can help you spread the word about your music. Spotify for Artists helps you track your listenership and increase your visibility.

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