How to Plan a Long-Distance Motorcycle Trip

For millions of biking enthusiasts, motorcycle transport is the best way to travel. You get the thrill of the open road in an unrestricted environment with a perfect view of your surroundings that a car simply cannot rival. Taking a long-distance trip by motorcycle transport can be a thrilling adventure where the journey itself can be just as enjoyable as reaching the destination. For some bikers, a long-distance trip that takes them into a foreign country is the perfect vacation idea. However, it benefits from high levels of planning to ensure that the trip runs smoothly and there are no unexpected problems during the adventure. This article explains three key tips to plan for a long-distance motorcycle trip that will help to ensure that it will be an enjoyable journey that is perfectly tailored to your own needs and wants.

Plan the Route Thoroughly

One of the most important parts of a long-distance trip by motorcycle transport is the planning stage. By putting more work and thought into the route, places to visit, and locations to rest for the night, you will ensure that there is a solid structure to your trip. If you are planning a long-distance journey that takes in a foreign country, or is over an extreme distance, you may want to consider using a shipping firm to transport your bike to a starting destination, rather than ride the full route. Thankfully, there is a range of motorcycle transport companies that will ship your bike to a predetermined destination for a competitive price. This can be a perfect solution if you want to start your journey in a foreign country but would rather fly to the start point than ride in the first instance.

Get Your Bike Inspected

It should be self-evident that your bike must be in excellent mechanical condition before starting the journey. If there are any problems with the bike during your trip, it can result in time lost and unnecessary stress as you search out a local mechanic to fix the problems. If the trip is abroad, there may also be the added problem of language barriers between you and the bike mechanic. Put simply, it makes perfect sense to get your bike thoroughly inspected at a reputable bike mechanic before you set off. In addition, before you start the trip it, is wise to do a visual check of your bike. If you are mechanically minded, this motorcycle maintenance checklist will be of benefit.

Travel with Friends

As a final point, it is well worth considering traveling with a group of friends on your motorcycle trip. Firstly, it can be a more pleasurable experience to ride together with like-minded friends who also enjoy the thrill of the open road and share a spirit of adventure. The shared memories made on the journey can last a lifetime and you will be able to reminisce about the good and bad parts of the trip for years to come. Secondly, it can be safer to travel as a group, especially if there are any mechanical issues during the trip or even any medical problems. See here for more information and advice on planning a bike trip with a group of friends.

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