Interesting Things You Can Find In Singapore

School holidays are almost here. Do you already have a plan to fill it with family? Yesterday, during Eid al-Fitr, the government had given permission for tourist destinations to open. The same thing seems to be happening around the children’s school holidays later. 

Two years ago, holiday or not, the children still couldn’t go anywhere because of the strict rules. But now, school holidays are something to look forward to. Right now, while the kids are struggling with their school exams, why don’t we start planning vacations? This might make the children more enthusiastic. 

The second semester holiday usually lasts for two full weeks. You better book a hotel now so you will get a hotel promo prices. There are so many kid-friendly hotels lately. It not only has a swimming pool, but also provides a playground or a mini zoo. 

Eastparc Hotel in Yogyakarta, for example, has an ATVride, a waterpark, horse riding and also a playground. You don’t have to go outside to play the attraction. Everything you need, you can get at the hotel. The food they provide for breakfast is also delicious. 

Bandung can be another option. You can find Grand Tjokro Hotel Bandung. It has a mini zoo and also a small pool to swim together. They provide a simple playground for babies too. You will enjoy your staycation here. 

You can also choose to vacation abroad. Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia will be a great choices. There are so many advantages of traveling abroad. It will give you a much different experience than what you can find in your own country. You and your family will learn to adapt, communicate with strangers, learn languages, and at the same time be able to travel to places you’ve always wanted to be. Vacationing together can also build bonds between you and your family members.

 If you choose Singapore, you will find a lot of new things here. Singapore is the most modern country in Southeast Asia. There are a lot of interesting things you can find there. Changi airport is one of the best airports in the world. Not only serves as a transit point for airplanes, Changi also has parks, cinemas, hotels, and playgrounds. One day will not be enough to explore Changi airport. 

Public transportation in this country is also very good and modern. They have MRT and bus lines that reach all areas in Singapore. You can buy a special card if you want to get to know Singapore independently. Besides that, they also have a water tap where you can drink the water for free. This facility allows travelers to save their money because the price of mineral water in Singapore per bottle is quite expensive. You better use your money for food or a hotel, right?

Finding affordable food in Singapore is easy. You can find various types of cuisine ranging from Malay, Peranakan, Indian, Middle Eastern, East Asian, to European. No need to worry, many of these dishes are also halal. Singapore itself is listed as the most Muslim tourist-friendly destination among non-Muslim countries based on The Global Muslim Travel Index.

Now, let’s talk about street food. As a tourist, you have to try the Singapore hawker stall, which has hundreds of street food centers. Named the hawker center, this place is always in demand by visitors.

Hawker or hawker center refers to street food centers scattered throughout Singapore. Visiting this place can taste a variety of street food because this food court area presents dozens of food vendors.

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