Modern Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Once the good weather returns, the dining room settles into your garden and becomes a favorite place for the whole family to relax. In addition, your terrace is transformed into an additional living room and is infinitely adaptable, where you and your loved ones can have your cozy barbecue evenings. So, if the idea of ​​a summer outdoor kitchen appeals to you, you have probably come to the right place: stone construction, integrated barbecue, central island with a wooden dining table. Expand on the main elements to create an open area dedicated to good food and family relaxation moments.

Do you smell the alluring atmosphere and the grill already? Then you are on the right track! The outdoor kitchen also called a summer kitchen, conquers all modern gardens once the sunny days return. And when we hear about the coming summer season, we immediately think of barbecue and steaks, which are mandatory for outdoor seating! In this context, the kitchen becomes an area where you start spending most of your free time. Imagine a place dedicated to relaxation, delicious meals, and a cozy atmosphere with magical moments, offering several options in terms of location. You can create a beautiful outdoor kitchen that seamlessly flows with the indoor area, like continuity or an extension of the house, on the terrace or in front of the pool for enjoyment on the hot summer days. It is up to you to decide on the range of options available. However, a good dose of inspiration will not be overrated! Before checking all the modern examples at Showcase Renovations, you can read more about the main advantages of the summer outdoor kitchen in this article. Let’s get started. 

Kitchen in the Garden 

Arrange an outdoor cooking area in your garden, backyard, or terrace and create a real trend in exterior design. The outdoor kitchen is popular not only because of its aesthetic side but also because of its practicality. Thanks to this arrangement, you will no longer need to move back and forth between the interior kitchen and garden furniture. In addition, dishes that you like are now allowed for home preparation even though you deliberately avoided cooking them before because of the smell!

After reviewing the benefits of an outdoor kitchen area, there are a few crucial things to remember before starting your outdoor renovation. So, even though the different models of exterior kitchens are endless, the traps during the purchase of furniture and utilities and arrangement should not be neglected. 

As for the location mentioned above, know that it is also crucial to the success of your project. In other words, if you have a garden shed or even a small garage that you no longer use, then you have no excuse not to succumb to the charm of the outdoor kitchen. If this is not the case, you should consider creating a suitable shelter to protect your equipment from the elements. And in this context, a wooden pergola design will be perfectly appropriate.

Another important detail that you must take into account before starting is the surface required for creating such an exterior layout, is that it is best to be careful not to miscalculate the space of ​​your patio or garden. The minimum area required for a fixed structure is about 107 square feet. Below this essential part, it is better to choose a kitchenette designed in the form of modules. The modular mini-kitchen needs to have everything, regardless if you made it of pallet, stone, or concrete. In addition to its size, it has all the advantages of the interior model. A great way to bring a boost to your outdoor space, it will surely make you want to spend all your summer weekends on the barbecue with your loved ones.

As we have already mentioned several times, outdoor kitchens are compact and therefore do not stand out from any interior design that you are familiar with. So, for maximum comfort and autonomy, let’s focus on the necessary accessories that every summer kitchen should have. Depending on your preferences and needs, it can easily accommodate a barbecue, board, wood oven, and several storage spaces for your utensils and dishes. For those who appreciate functionality, keep in mind that gas appliances are the most convenient and easy to hang option, unlike electric models. In addition to the cooking areas, your outdoor kitchen area should have a sink for easy hand washing, including a suitable worktop where you can cook like a real chef.

To Sum It Up… 

Modern outdoor kitchens with a seamless flow between the indoor and the outdoor area are the new trend everyone is talking about. Prepare your outdoor space for those recreational outdoor parties at home with a nice beautiful garden kitchen, and start preparing your favorite dishes without worrying about the smell. If you are unsure where to start with your new outdoor kitchen project, you can call professional contractors like Showcase Renovations. They will help you create the perfect outdoor cooking area for your garden. 

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