The Convenience of Hiring a 12 Seater Tempo Traveller for Your Next Family Outings

It is that time of the year when your family looks forward to a holiday trip to escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Summer vacations have just begun in most schools and children want to enjoy them to the fullest. The rest of the family is also in the mood to relax and take a break from household and professional duties.

Whether your family outing is just one day, a weekend gateway or a long tour from Mumbai, a tempo traveller is the best mode of transport. While there are different types of tempo travellers, a 12 seater variant is best suited for family needs. A 12 seater tempo traveller hire in Mumbai can accommodate all members of your family.

Here are some reasons why a tempo traveller is a convenient option for your next family outing:

Comfortable Seating

A tempo traveller has pushback seats. This means that all your family members can recline their seats to a certain angle to sleep or ease out the pressure from their backs. There is also sufficient legroom to move the legs. You don’t have to worry about a stiff posture or tiredness during or after the travel.

In-Built Air Conditioner

Summer heat can spoil your travel fun. But, fret not. A tempo traveller is fitted with a sturdy air conditioner unit. The cooling spreads evenly across all the seats from front to back. So, you can beat the heat with a chilled ambiance inside the tempo traveller even if the temperature is soaring outside!

Bespoke Travel Plan

When you travel with family, you have to consider the needs of every family member, right from children to old people. When you hire a tempo traveller, you can decide on the itinerary as per your exact requirements. You can schedule pick-up and drop-off at the exact location you want. You also have complete flexibility to plan sightseeing spots, meal breaks, washroom breaks, etc.

Personal Travel Assistant

The very essence of family travel is to have laid-back fun with your family. However, if you have to spend your time fussing over arrangements and coordination, all the fun is lost! Usually, customer service-oriented vehicle rental companies offer the facility of a personal travel assistant. This person will take full charge of your outing and relieve you of all hassles so that you can spend more time with your family.

If you are looking to book an online tempo traveller booking in Mumbai, SimplyTrip is one of the most professional and trustworthy rental companies. They can offer you a tempo traveller in different variants to suit your budget and travel itinerary. The company’s drivers are experienced, well-groomed, and properly trained to navigate the vehicle around all the routes. They can also assign a dedicated personal travel assistant on your request. SimplyTrip also follows a strict safety and hygiene protocol for its customers. They ensure that all the tempo travellers are cleaned and sanitized before and after every trip.

Call SimplyTrip on 8447748320 or visit their website to book a tempo traveller!

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