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What to Wear in a Particular Destination

There are a few things that you should know about what to wear in a particular destination. You should research the customs, religious beliefs, and safety of the people living in your destination before packing. A basic rule of thumb is to stick with neutral colors and avoid bright or shiny colors. You may find the locals in your destinations to be quite friendly and will appreciate your efforts. You can also wear clothing that is a little bit more casual than what you would usually wear.

Pack comfortable, practical footwear

When traveling abroad, it’s important to pack comfortable, practical footwear. Flip-flops and high heels are unpractical for travel, and they’ll cause blisters. Sneakers are a good choice and provide good support. Try to avoid wearing all-white trainers, as they’ll get dirty and mark you as an American tourist. In some countries, this kind of attire is not appropriate, and there are no standards about how you should dress in the local culture. When traveling abroad, remember to bring practical footwear. You shouldn’t wear high heels or flip-flops. These shoes won’t dry quickly, and they’ll cause blisters. Also, avoid wearing brand-new sneakers, as these will get dirty and mark you as an American. If you’re planning on visiting a religious site, consider wearing a traditional djellaba, which covers your shoulders and ankles.

Take with you appropriate clothing

When traveling abroad, you should avoid wearing clothing that will make you look unattractive. For example, you should avoid wearing jeans and athletic shoes. These items don’t breathe well and take a long time to dry, so they’re not practical for outdoor activities. Even worse, you should avoid wearing jeans that feature religious symbols. If you’re visiting a temple, you might be offended if they see you in all-white trainers. If you’re visiting a mosque in a foreign country, you should wear a headscarf. This is a common custom in many places and will protect you from unwanted attention. You should also be aware of local customs. If you’re traveling in a country where there are strict rules, you should follow them as closely as possible. You should respect the customs and dress appropriately in order to feel comfortable in that place.


You should avoid wearing loud colors and bold patterns. If you’re visiting a mosque, women should wear a headscarf, which covers the shoulder and ankles. If you’re going to a church, you should also wear an appropriate head-covering, even if it’s just a small one. Otherwise, the locals might think it’s weird that you’re wearing a headscarf in a mosque.

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