Why Is Buying Magic Mushrooms in Canada Better Online?

Magic mushrooms are popular with many Canadians. Like marijuana, it shows promising effects, particularly in treating mental illnesses.

In the past, shrooms were used to treat health problems and talk to different gods of different cultures. People use shrooms for fun now, but it still significantly affects how people with mental illness are treated.

Despite the research and medical studies conducted to prove the effects of shrooms, it is still illegal to purchase, sell, and use them. Psychedelic mushrooms are still prohibited, but it’s not as unlawful as in the past.

Banning of Psychedelics

In 1971, the United Nations created the Convention on Psychotropic Substances. The convention prohibits shrooms and other psychedelic substances’ consumption, production, and distribution. 

After the release of this convention, plenty of countries implemented laws to ban psychedelic substances like LSD, DMT, magic mushrooms, and more. Even before the 70s, the Spanish colonization in South America prohibited rituals and cultural practices using shrooms.

Reason for Banning

Shrooms are prohibited in many nations because of the risk of abuse and their dangers to public safety. Many young people are learning how to use mushrooms, gradually leading them to addiction.

Some people who get dependent on or abuse mushrooms develop a craving for more and switch to even harder drugs like heroin or marijuana. As a result, the number of people losing their place in society is rising.

It’s not the mushrooms themselves that make people addicted. People who take psychedelic shrooms can get used to the active ingredients, so they tend to take more to get better or deeper trips.

The only way to avoid tolerating the substance is to take some time before taking your next dose. The receptors that psilocin attaches to will return to their usual condition.

However, some people who take psychedelics and want to experience more can shift to more potent drugs. Yet, it is not a common practice. It doesn’t mean that when people use mushrooms, they’ll become drug addicts.

Studies have shown that psychedelics can rewire the brain, particularly in patients with drug addiction. They use psilocybin, the active ingredient, as a treatment for substance abuse patients.

Illegality Still Persist

Although there are studies on the benefits of psychedelic magic mushrooms in Canada, it is still illegal. But the country is stepping slowly forward as psilocybin, and other psychedelics can now be a mental health regimen. However, it must be under strict conditions.

Currently, psychedelic is a restrictive instead of a wholly banned substance. Licensed health professionals can recommend psychedelic treatment. However, patients must meet some strict criteria before getting into the psilocybin treatment.

If you want to take shrooms recreationally, you have to find other ways to source them. So, how can you buy or get them safely?

Buying Magic Mushrooms in Canada

Selling and buying are illegal, but you can find some people have access to shrooms. Some dispensaries sell mushrooms discreetly. Also, you can only access them when you have a prescription.

So, how can you buy shrooms if the law does not permit them?

There are other ways you can have access to mushrooms. However, such methods are risky or require some knowledge. Here are some ways you can acquire your shrooms.

  • From a physical dispensary: However, you’ll need a prescription, or some may not be serving it, and you might risk getting into trouble looking for it.
  • From a social media seller: A few people are lucky to get their shrooms from someone who anonymously sells online. However, not everyone is fortunate. You might get scammed.
  • Someone you know: You can get shrooms from your dealer or someone around your area, but you can’t be sure of the quality.
  • Mushroom picking: If you live in grassy areas with lots of horses or cows, chances of psychedelic shrooms will be present. However, you need to know how they look.
  • Buying mushrooms online: There are legitimate mushroom sellers you can find online who provide high-quality and lab-tested products.
  • Grow your mushrooms: If you have the materials and patience, you can grow your mushrooms. But it will take some time to harvest them.

Each of these sources has pros and cons, but you have to weigh in on which has the most advantages. Then, choose that method of getting your mushrooms.

We believe buying from an online magic mushroom shop is the best idea. Here’s why they have more advantages than any other options.


Buying mushrooms online makes things easy. You can buy several products and get them delivered to your house. No one will have any idea what your package is all about.

In addition, you can easily browse through the selection of items, add filters to see what you need instantly, and no more long queues when paying. You can purchase as much as you want without getting caught.


Buying shrooms online is discreet. No one will know the content of your package, and you can hide your identity when purchasing online. In addition, online dispensaries make sure to keep their client’s information safe.


When you get your shrooms online in Canada, it is possible to get them at a more affordable price. Shrooms are expensive, but it depends on the strain and demand. However, by buying online, you can enjoy discounts.

Online shops like Zoomies Canada offer free shipping when you meet their minimum purchase requirements. Some online shops also provide referral programs and coupons when you become a member or sign up for the email list.


Unlike buying mushrooms from anywhere else, online shrooms from legitimate eCommerce shops are high-quality. They ensure they test their products.

You can find magic mushroom edibles with accurate psilocybin content, dried shrooms that are well-grown and harvested, etc. They ensure that their products or brand have passed a specific quality test.

Open 24/7

When you purchase your mushrooms online, you can shop any time of the day. Also, you can buy your favourite shrooms while scrolling through your phone. 

Online eCommerce shops are convenient and give you 24/7 access to their items. You can freely browse and add your item to your cart. You do not have to wait for anyone to open their store.

Multiple Products

The last reason you should buy your mushrooms online is the possibility of trying new products. Online sellers have various options for shrooms.

You can find various strains of psychedelic shrooms, even those that are not often available, edibles in different forms, and tinctures. All these products are lab-tested and safe to consume.


If you plan to get a safe and enjoyable trip, source your shrooms carefully. The best way is to buy your magic mushrooms in Canada online. You can shop discreetly and conveniently for what you need and access a wide selection of safely tested products.

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