You’ll be bowled over by the quaint charms of America – View it through the bus window!

Bus tours are the best! You are master of your own time and can visit places off the beaten path. More and more travelers prefer taking a bus over flying nowadays and with good reason. They love the leisurely way they are able to see the sights of the destination and enjoy the local food and drinks in peace. No rush, no muss.

Nature calling!

Nothing improper insinuated here! We speak of Bowling Green, a gorgeous small city surrounded by the natural woodlands, farmlands, and hills of Kentucky. Many bus tours in Kentucky have this city marked on their tour plans as it is famous for its intriguing mélange of indoor and outdoor activities, not to mention the warm southern hospitality.

There is something for everybody here. Some travelers visit with a plan in mind, knowing exactly what they’d like to see while some just take off in a direction and see where it leads them. Neither of the two is disappointed in this charming city as it is replete with many hidden gems. Let’s say you like taking downtown strolls and your partner is all for country cruises, you’ll get them both in Bowling Green.

Daylight Disappearing!

Bus trips in Bowling Green, KY, are all about discovering the hidden and you can start off your tour with an underground cave boat tour. Yep, you heard it right. This natural wonder of Kentucky is best enjoyed in the dark. Ripley’s Believe it or Not says that this river is the shortest and deepest in the world! You’ll love listening to the guide relating stories of Civil War troops and Native Americans.

You can also take the Historic Valley Walking Tour and check out the seasonal Butterfly Habitat. And that’s not all, folks! There are several picnic areas and nature trails too. If you are traveling with family, you children will find the gemstone sluice their favorite activity.

Kentucky Museum is another tourist favorite. This 80,000 sq. ft. museum houses many intriguing displays and exhibitions that show South-Central Kentucky’s art, history, and culture.

Then there is the Historic Railpark and Train Museum. It has several interesting exhibits, such as a WWII Hospital Car, a 1921 Post Office Car, a Chessie Class Caboose, and others. If you want, you can buy some collectibles to remind you of this leg of your trip once back home.

If all this cerebral awakening has made you itchy for some let-loose fun, head over straight to the Beech Bend Amusement Park and Splash Lagoon. This place has the infamous Sea Dragon ride that once belonged to Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch! Crazy, eh? You can try out many amazing rides here and, once done, change into your swimsuit and enjoy the watery delights of the Splash Lagoon.

If you have been feeling wanderlust nibbling at you, take a look at bus trips near me and plan a trip at the soonest. Bowling Green awaits you with open arms!

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